RadikalDarts IDARTS®

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Is the new model of RadikalDarts. A modern and elegant design that it would enhance any bar or premise where the machine it is placed

As the RadikalDarts Touch Blue Edition, RadikalDarts IDARTS® features a touch panel, cameras, laser (as a distance measuring) and sensors, allowing to play Online in real time while watching your opponents. With that system, players can play Online with other players from any corner of the world, being able to see the player, the dartboard and the results.

In addition, presents a unique technology such as the Remote Refereeing System®, a patented system in Europe, USA and Japan. This system, allows remote validation of each game by a referee, allowing to organize competitions in which the player can play anytime and anywhere.

RadikalDarts IDARTS® is, currently, the bestselling darts machine of the market and highly appreciate by players and operators due its stunning outlook and extraordinary performance and reliability

Technical features

Remote Refereeing System® developed by Gaelco Darts

3 cameras to record the dartboard, player and throwing area

Laser light to control and measure the throwing distance

Panoramic Screen 21.5” TFT HD

Player card reader

Touch panel

Management Software for competitions and to remotely control the machine

Width: 620mm
Depth: 659mm
Height: 2327mm
Weight: 105 Kilos

Remote Refereeing System®Video


RadikalDarts is the only darts machine that allows refereeing games anytime and anywhere thanks to the Remote Refereeing System®. Its 3 cameras allows to record the dartboard and the player and its surroundings (as the throwing distance), then the recorded matches are send to the system in real time and made available to the competition’s administrator, who can validate (or overrule) the game.

That validation can be seen immediately by the players whether at the machines or in our radikalplayers.com website or even in the RadikalPlayers app.

With this new and exclusive system, virtual competitions can be organized regardless of the location or schedule of the games as those games will be subsequently refereed and, therefore, it is impossible to deceive the system as can be seen in the video below.

Player Identification

identificador_de_jugadorRadikalDarts allows the player to register on the same darts machine. When a player wants to register, the darts machine, using its cameras, obtain a picture of the player and add it to the new player’s profile in the system. That will allow the system to identify the player in competition matches. Also, the player would be able to check his or hers data such as MPR, PPD, matches, games, classifications and so on in any RadikalDarts machines as well as in the dedicated page www.radikalplayers.com and in the RadikalPlayers app


Competition Management/Software

eventos_deportivosWith RadikalDarts you can forget the paper work at the time to manage a competition and you can even forget to be present during the matches. The competition software manages all the information, creates the calendars, updates the results and calculate the most adjusted and real PPD/MPR, classifications, categories……everything.. The administrator of the competition just have to check the information on his PC. The information is also available, updated in real time, in the dart machine and, therefore, available to be checked by players.




RadikalDarts features 3 strategically built-in cameras, The first one records the player, the throw distance and the surroundings. The second one records the dartboard and each dart thrown and the third one focus directly on the laser and throwing distance.

With all that, any manipulation of the result is avoided because the game, being recorded and watched by the administrator of the competition, can be validated or invalidated and the results and classifications will be automatically updated and the information send to the dart machine in real time.

In addition, the cameras allow to play in Online mode in real time as can be seen in the video below


ico_laserRadikalDarts features a Laser beam that measures accurately the correct throwing distance. It is the most precise system to measure distances, specially important in competitions as well as avoids misunderstandings and unnecessary marks on the floor. If the player steps over the laser beam, the system is designed to consider the throw null and invalid.

Idarts Edition1 Laser

Panoramic TFT Screen HD 21.5”

pantallaPanoramic 21.5” screen with High Resolution. It displays the scores, game stages and results and, when in Online mode, the opponent and its results in real time and irrespective of its location. In addition, allows to show advertisements, messages, news or any other kind of publicity.

Pantalla Idarts

Touch Panel

antivandalicaRadikalDarts features a virtually unbreakable touch panel thanks to its protective glass of 6 mm

LED Effects 


That enhance the darts machine and reward the rounds with good scores. In addition, the LED system of RadikalDarts does not disturb the player as the light effects appear only when the round is finish.


Online game Video

videoHere you can see a video example of an Online match between 2 players that are located in 2 different countries. Online mode can be use not only for casual games but also to organize and run competitions whether for single players or doubles or teams.

Player Card ID

tarjeta_identificativaRadikalDarts features a card reader that allows to create customized cards for the players. With the card, the player does not need to enter his/her code every time he/she wants to play (which is a must when in competition). When the player insert his/her card, the system immediately recognizes the player and all information can be checked as results, classifications, played games or calendars and coming matches. The card can be also a great advertisement as logos can be printed, becoming a very powerful tool in order to get player’s loyalty.

Tarjeta Jugador