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Radikal Cup International

Double Elimination Tournament - Virtual League Format


Complete Rules linked at the bottom of the page



  • Double KO Tournament.

  • Level 1: 501 open in/master out split bull 25/50 with 15 rounds limit and last chance.

  • Level 2 & 3: 501 open in/master out 50/50 bull with 15 rounds limit and last chance.

  • Each match of the tournament is in virtual league format lasting 6 days each.

  • Teams of 3 players + 2 substitutes.

  • Groups will be ranked by the average of the best players (the highest value between his picture MPR multiplied by 8,25 and his PPD).


  • Minimum of 5 games per player, average of your 5 best games will be used, unlimited games can be played each match.

  • Maximum of 9 points played per match: 3 points maximum per player, the best 3 scores will be taken for the match.

  • The final result will only be valid if the match is finished and all the games have been validated.

  • To earn points each match, a player must play the minimum number of games without any cheat (games with cheats, won’t be valid to earn points).

  • In case of a tie in averages for 2 or more players in a match (best 5 games) the system looks at game 6th, then 7th, then 8th game etc. until someone is better.