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Gaelco Darts is a developer and manufacturer of electronic dartboards with online and video recording capabilities. With the most advanced technology in the field we offer what is today considered the most advanced dart board in the world, Radikal Darts.

Gaelco Darts was born as a spinoff of Gaelco, an outstanding developer of arcade videogames since 1985. Gaelco launched games that soon were a tremendous success and became part of the history in the videogames sector.

Nowadays, Gaelco Darts, as a totally independent company using its own technology, both in software and hardware, being one of the few European companies able to develop projects of technical complexity totally in-house. Our Radikal Darts machine has become a paramount example of technology applied to the traditional sport of darts. Radikal Darts allows to play and compete using On Line and virtual systems and offering to the player and operator a new universe of endless possibilities of fun and business. Currently, Gaelco Darts distributes Radikal Darts in Europe, Asia and USA.