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Radikal Darts Home

Radikal Darts, the best online electronic dartboard in the world offering endless possibilities to players and operators.

Radikal Darts Home


Radikal Darts Home. Radikal Darts the Electronic Online Soft Tip Dart Machine Playing Sample


Gaelco Darts developed Radikal Home®, the most advanced dartboard for home use. A high performance home dartboard, for players that really value the right sound, touch, quality and others essential features in a dartboard. Currently the Radikal Home® is no longer commercialized.

Radikal Home® fulfill the wishes of the most demanding darts players, to be able to have a home dartboard as equipped and as good as the darts machines located in bars and pubs.

Same touch, sounds, graphics…….a real dartboard.

On top on that, Radikal Home® offers a worldwide novelty, ON LINE games.You will be able to play against players from any corner of the world, in real time and with your opponent and his/her throws and score in constant view.

Do you know that you can play against players from different continents?
Do you know that you can save in “My Favorites” the players you really enjoy and you like to play with and Radikal Home® will let you know when they get connected?

Radikal Home® works in a very simple way. Once you hang the dartboard in the wall, you have to connect a USB cable (it comes with the dartboard) from the dartboard to your computer, and thanks to the software that also comes with the pack (and it will install automatically in your computer) Radikal Home® starts working. You will see all the functions in your screen and you only have to follow the instructions.

Presence Mode.You are playing against yourself, you are just practicing or you want to improve your level or you just enjoy playing with your friends at your home.You can see on your computer´s screen all the scores, your marks (whether MPR or PPD) with each dart and you final marks, scores, etc…    

On Line Mode.You can select the player you want to play with. he or she can be located in your city or in a different continent!!, distances does not matter anymore with the ON LINE system of Radikal Home®.

Thanks to its strategically located built-in camera, you will be able to see in your computer´s screen the opponent player, his/her throws and also his/her scorings and marks. You will be able to play against a player located in Sydney or Tokyo!!!

If you want more information do not hesitate to contact us. 

Radikal Home © is the most advanced home dartboard of the world. You will be able to play against players from any corner of the world, in real time and seeing him/her during all the playing time and also his/her scorings, marks and results.