Competition Modes

Definition and kind of competition:

Face to Face: When players are playing at the same premise and at the same time. The traditional and well known system of playing darts competitions.

ONLINE: When players play in different locations but at the same time (real time), watching the opponent through the dart machine screen.

VIRTUAL: Playing in same or different locations and at different times. In this case, matches would be subsequently refereed and validate or invalidated.

Face-to-face League 

RadikalDarts machines are equipped with a dedicated software for the traditional face to face league. By using it, the competition administrator avoids all the paperwork and allows to easily manage that kind of competitions.

Administrators will only have to program the machine to their convenience. Team entries, games and league matches will be monitored by the system and the administrator would be able to control and manage everything in real time and from anywhere, needing just an internet connection.  RadikalDarts machine would also display all the information in real time and ready to be checked by players: MPR/PPD, matches, calendar, results, classifications, etc…


Online League

Leagues are played between players located in different places, at the same time and watching each other through the darts machine screen. This type of league opens a new universe of possibilities allowing even to organize international competitions. Players feels like playing with the opponent located in the same premise but with the enormous benefit that, actually, that opponent is located, for instance, in Japan or any other remote location.

Virtual League

Matches are played between teams situated in different places and played at different times. Games are recorded and the winners are assigned in terms of the obtained PPD/MPR. Administrators can create a Virtual League with all the teams registered at any or all of his RadikalDarts machines, irrespective of the geographical location.

The Virtual Leagues presents countless advantages, because thanks to the Remote Refereeing System ® (including cameras, laser and other sensors) that records the games, the administrator can see the games from a PC and an Internet connection. The administrator validates or invalidates the results and the software send immediately the information to the machines, where the player can check the information it completely updated. With this system, the team can play always in their usual premises and the players can play at any time they wish to (they will be refereeing later with the Remote Refereeing System®). It is important to mention that the competition can be set in a way that the system takes the best result of each player of the team, which would stimulate the playing and participation and making the Virtual Leagues one of the most profitable competition.


The software allows linking machines in the same or different locations in order to create tournaments of different kinds and/or with different kinds of games

Examples of Tournaments:

Tournament: Best of One with Double KO

This is a single elimination tournament with best of one format and with double KO system. The number of players start with 4 until 16. The games in the tournament can be chosen among all available games. First round losers have a second chance. The first round winner and the player who comes through the first round losers are drawn into the Final round.
In the Final round, the player who comes through the first round losers must win two consecutive games to win the tournament. On the other hand, the top player of the first round only needs to win once.

Tournament: Best of One-Direct KO

This tournament is played in the same way as the Best of One tournament except that players are eliminated on a straight knockout basis.

All these tournaments can also be created in RATING mode, which means that the software automatically levels the marks of the players (same as handicap does in golf) according to their PPD/MPR.

Virtual Open Ranking

Ranking played between players playing in machines located anywhere. For the classification in each category the system chooses each player’s best games (as many as the organizer wishes: 3, 5, etc.). Each player may play as many games as desired within the time period allocated (one week, one month, etc.). It is a very interesting competition, as it allows players of different levels to participate, each in their category, and there are constant changes in classification. The system automatically categorizes the players depending to their historical marks and they compete with players in their category,

The Remote Refereeing System®, with its cameras, laser and other sensors, records each game which will be validated or invalidated by the operator, therefore each player may play any time they wish. The software keeps the results constantly updated and the players can check their results and the classification in real time and in any dart machine that participates in that Ranking competition.

This is one of the most popular type of competition among operators and players as players can play at their convenience irrespective the day and time of the play as the system can not be deceived as you can see in the video below.