Why is RadikalDarts  the best dart machine of the world and the operator’s favorite darts machine?

Because RadikalDarts features an advanced in-house developed software that controls and manages all relevant information from a laptop or PC. The operator can check in real time the machine´s income, organize leagues, tournaments and rankings, watch all games (which are recorded) and classifications, control if the machine is on or off……everything. The operator manages absolutely all the information from his/her computer and avoid unnecessary trips to the bars or pubs where the machines are placed, saving money and time.

Because RadikalDarts works with RRS (Remote Refereeing System®), a unique and patented system in Europe, USA and Japan that allows every single game to be recorded and validated at any time by the competition administrator, which combined with a laser sensor that measures the throwing distance makes possible to organize competitions without the need of a referee to be present. Also, and as another outstanding feature of the machine, by using our Online System, players can play at the same time in different locations and see each other through the dartboard´s screen. The combination of our two systems makes RadikalDarts the most profitable dart machine of the market.

Because Gaelco Darts is a company with more than 25 years of history and our RadikalDarts is a totally consolidated dart machine, being the pioneer in Online systems in the world of darts. Thousands of machines connected in Europe, North and South America and Asia-Pacific are our best reference. More than 600000 players playing worldwide are the evidence of the technical quality of our dart machine.

Because with RadikalDarts the operator and the players can participate in international competitions (Championships, Tournaments or Leagues) against players from different continents.

Because RadikalDarts organizes every year several major face-to-face events, gathering players from different countries for a truly international dart experience. Specially important is the International Yearly Event, known as one of the best darts event in the world for its excellent organization, with more than 5000 attendees from 17 different countries.

And we should not forget that Gaelco Darts is a manufacturer member of the American NDA (National Darts Association) and RadikalDarts is an endorsed and approved official machine of the event. That allows us to qualify players for the world famous darts event Las Vegas Team Dart. 



1. I want to buy a RadikalDarts, what I have to do?

Please go to “CONTACT” and send us an email, we would contact you immediately. Remember that we do not sell to individuals or bars/pubs/clubs, only through operators.

2. What does PPD means?

PPD (Points Per Dart) is the international term for the handicap system in one of the most popular darts games X01 (301, 501, 701, 901). PPD shows the level of the player by counting the average score of each dart (máximum Points for each darts is 60 which is a triple 20). With this system, we can categorize each player and to have different categories allowing us to organize fair and level competitions.

3. What does MPR means?

MPR (Marks Per Round) is the international term for the handicap system in one of the most popular dart game: Cricket. MPR shows the level of each player because it counts the average of the marks in each round. 3 is the maximum mark per dart (a triple) therefore, if a player throws 3 darts and he/she hits a triple with each of them, his/her marks per round (MPR) would be 9. With this system, we can categorize each player and to have different categories.

4.  What does RATING means?

As all RadikalDarts players have their own PPD and MPR (after playing at least 25 games in any X01 and 25 games in Cricket) we can organize competitions, Online matches or even training or casual games with a Rating system. It is very similar system to the handicap system of golf, leveling all the players and allowing all of them to play together irrespective of their level. For instance, in a 501 game, where one player is very good and his PPD is very high and the other player is of  a medium level and therefore his PPD is lower, the system will take in consideration both PPD and will level them, the best players will start the game with 501 while the intermediate player will start the game with a lower number. With this system totally automatic, players of any level can play against each other.